Touch Tournament Roundup

Team, we all did an outstanding job at this past weekend’s touch tournament. Our team A placed an impressive first place in the second division play offs and Team B came in at a close 3rd in the first division, narrowly losing to Columbia by 5-6.

Despite our losses, we all learnt an incredible amount about the game. The quality at which both our teams played was a big improvement over our usual Saturday morning gatherings! It was also a great experience to have met our match against the more pro teams that showed up and hopefully we’re all better players as a result.

Thanks to all of the players and spectators who attended and pushed through an intensely hot and physically demanding day while maintaining consistently high levels of team spirit. A special shout out to Eric for the jerseys, John and Eric for the tents (we wouldn’t have survived long without them!) and to all of our drivers. An extra special thanks to Cliff who not only made us aware of the event, but also cooked up a storm for the entire 100 odd people at the event!!

Finally thanks to Kaitlin for the photos. I’m posting some below, but feel free to download the full set here. Looking forward to seeing you all out there again soon for our usual Saturday morning games!

DSC03044 IMG_5647 IMG_5655 IMG_5657 IMG_5663 IMG_5699

IMG_5676 IMG_5714 IMG_5730 IMG_5758 IMG_5778 IMG_5801 IMG_5812 IMG_5837 IMG_5850IMG_5891 IMG_5878IMG_5979



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