Tournament CANCELLED!!!

Hey Everyone,

Cliff just posted that the rugby tournament was cancelled because three teams withdrew to play in a national tournament down in Florida.  To those who’ve paid me, I’ll return your money the next time I see you–hopefully Wednesday. 

I know we were all looking forward to this, but there will be more tourneys in the future to be sure.  Plus, this gives us an opportunity to practice more and perfect our play. 

I’ll post about Wednesday rugby tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Tournament CANCELLED!!!

  1. Hey, sorry to hear about the tournament but I’ll be down Wednesday (and probably Saturday) this week.

    Been watching this government shutdown fiasco unfold. Any chance it would affect where we’re able to play rugby?
    Saw this tweet: “In case of shutdown, US Park Service says National Mall will be closed, no access to monuments or… bathrooms” –

    Hopefully not, just thought I’d send it on anyway in case of worst possible outcome.

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