Rugby, Government Shutdown Edition

Hey Guys,

Who’s in for rugby tomorrow?  Let’s get numbers.

Given the shutdown, I’ll be out a bit earlier, closer to 5:00 or so.  I’ll be doing some drills and and discussing strategy so we can improve.  Come out then if you’re interested and can make it.  Otherwise, same time at 6:00.

(PS, this is all contingent that the Mall grass area is accessible.  I’ll post tomorrow if it’s not).

11 thoughts on “Rugby, Government Shutdown Edition

  1. We have a scout checking it out tonight, but all reports indicate that the whole area will be behind police barricades. I’ll let you guys know what we find tonight.

  2. Sorry we have prior early dinner to go to. See you sat! Also if anyone wants the FIT (touch) rules let me know and I can send via email 🙂

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