Light numbers, but we’re on

We should have enough to play, but if we’re too few, we can always head to the bar and watch some 6 nations.  See everyone at the mall at 10. 

5 thoughts on “Light numbers, but we’re on

  1. Sorry – but heading to Fados by the Verizon Centre for 0930 kick off between Ireland and Wales. Basically two third world nations playing fourth rate rugby. Then the mighty England taking on the plucky but slightly unhealthy looking Scots at midday. Cover charge is $20 but they are offering full Oirish breakfast and 3 pints for $25 which kind of makes up for it. And there are plenty of free shots flowing so if Jameson’s at 0930 is your thing……

  2. 2 current local former captains/presidents coming in for tomorrow. :). Washington Scandals RFC Captain (Brendan Raden) and Maryland Stingers former President Olivia Payne.

    Brendan Raden
    Washington Scandals RFC
    (240) 506-4017

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