The Snow’s Pretty Bad, But if You Guys Want to Play…

Hey guys,

The snow’s deep and I’m sure it’ll linger for a few days, but I know we’ve got some die hard ruggers out there who will play under any conditions.  If you’re eager to play on Saturday, let me know if you’re in.


PS  I won’t be able to make it this week, but I’ll be back on for next. 

3 thoughts on “The Snow’s Pretty Bad, But if You Guys Want to Play…

  1. Hi there, I’ve never come out before but I’m interested in partaking as often as I can. I’m a strong maybe for this saturday (i work with rec sports leagues, things may be cancelled, they may not be). I’m also interested if there’s anything going on Monday. My name is Damian.

    • Hi Damian,
      No rugby this Saturday but we’d love to have you out when you can make it. Subscribe to the blog so you can see if and when we’ll play. The weather’s looking decent next weekend, so I’m sure we’ll play then. I look forward to meeting you.


      PS, Unlikely we’ll play on Monday, but I may post so be on the lookout.

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