Wednesday Rugby, and Saturday’s Tournament

Hey Guys,

Let me know if you’re in for rugby tomorrow.

Also, I’ve polled many of you and it seems tournament interest is pretty low.  We don’t have enough to field our own squad.  However, if you were keen on playing, the tournament organizers would still love to have you come out.  They’ll assign you to a team when you arrive.  And don’t worry, you’ll definitely play a lot. It’s a pretty long day of rugby so each team could use as many bodies as they can get.  Here are the tournament details again below for those who are interested:

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Rugby, and Saturday’s Tournament

  1. In for Wednesday. I’m free Saturday too but don’t have transport, and frankly less keen to trek out to Dickerson if we’re not fielding a team. Can’t we muster up 8 or 9 bodies?!

    • Hi Tasha,

      We play at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays. We play at one of two locations at the Mall, which I’ll determine once there are enough players who commit to playing. Be on the lookout for an email with playing status later this afternoon/evening, or possibly tomorrow morning.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I should be able to make touch tomorrow, and can fill you in in the playing potential at our Tourny. To be honest, as efficiently as you guys seem to play, any 3 or 4 of you would be an appreciable core to a motley side. I am marshaling the event, so once you come and establish a side, you can decide which bracket – competitive or social – you want to be in.

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  3. Should be there on Wednesday. I can also play (social) on Saturday, and have a car, if we do decide to muster a team. Could carry 3 others (or 4 others if someone wants to share the back with the dog…)

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