Rugby’s on. Enough to play, but it may rain. 15th and Constitution

Hi Guys,

There seems to be good interest to play today so rugby is on.  The hourly forecast looks like the rain should hold off until about 8:00PM so you guys should be good to go.  Still, there’s a decent chance it’ll rain so be mindful of that.  If you guys change your minds as the day progresses, respond to this post.  For now, we’re on.

I think you guys should meet at the 15th and Constitution spot, not the usual 17th and Constitution field where we ordinarily play on Saturdays.  Softball is really ramping up so it’s probably worth it to secure a definite spot than to try to compete with them (though, given the chance for rain it may be less populated tonight–something to consider when you guys head out).  I’m out for today, but hopefully I’ll be able to make Saturday. 

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