We’re on for tomorrow at 9:30, and….

if you want to practice some skills and strategy, arrive at 9:00.

Bring a ball and cones. I don’t have them with me this week.

7 thoughts on “We’re on for tomorrow at 9:30, and….

  1. Hello,

    I’ve recently moved to DC and would love to join tomorrow from 9am. I have played some touch before but will need some help to get the hang of it again. Hope that is ok.



  2. I don’t have cones but I’ll bring a size 5 ball tomorrow.

    As for skills and strategy – some folks have shown an interest in maybe putting together a somewhat competitive side to challenge the teams in Columbia and Alexandria. I think it sounds like a lot of fun but we will need to work on tactics and rules and such. Basics.

  3. Morning Victor,

    Any chance you could drop out a note to the group asking if anyone has plans to watch the internationals on Saturday? Specifically that England kick off at 9:30am – which will obviously clash with touch. I’m wondering if anyone has any plans (ability) to record the game so we can both play and watch afterwards.

    N.B, Fados are showing the following:

    9:30am: England vs South Africa (Cover Charge: $20)
    12:30pm: Italy vs Argentina
    3pm: France vs Australia (Cover Charge: $20)
    5pm: Wales vs Fiji

    • I think several people will want to do both, myself included. I think it’s best to take a survey to see if people would be willing to watch the internationals on Saturday and then play touch on Sunday morning. If there’s total backlash, we can just keep the Saturday schedule as is, and people who want to watch the internationals on Saturday can just do that. I’ll post the internationals schedule in the survey. Thoughts?

  4. Sounds like a good idea. Other option is for someone to pay for the game, record it and then spread the cost out amongst everyone who wants to watch directly after touch on Saturday afternoon. I think someone had mentioned the possibility of doing that – but I’m good with either option.

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