Three options for Saturday. Let me know your thoughts.

Hey Guys,

I’m considering putting touch on hold this Saturday due to the conflicting schedule of international rugby matches on TV. Many of us will want to watch the games instead of playing because it’s going to be VERY cold on Saturday morning, and because many of us love to see the UK get beat down by their counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere. Still, others may want to skip the live broadcasts and play. I’m not sure where preferences lie so let me know by responding to this post with one of the following options.

Option 1–Go to Fado’s, eat, drink and watch the international matches that begin at 9:30. We’ll decide there whether playing rugby on Sunday morning makes sense, or skip this week altogether and just play the following week.

Option 2–Skip watching the international matches and just play as we normally would.

Option 3–If possible, one of us records the matches to be watched later in the day or on Sunday, and we play on Saturday as we normally would.

Let me know what you all think.

Here’s the schedule of games on Sunday:
9:30am: England vs South Africa (Cover Charge: $20)
12:30pm: Italy vs Argentina
3pm: France vs Australia (Cover Charge: $20)
5pm: Wales vs Fiji

9 thoughts on “Three options for Saturday. Let me know your thoughts.

  1. Just a suggestion, and perhaps more out of the way for some, but James Hoban screens the matches, charges $20, but that goes towards your food bill.

  2. Devastated by the anti-Anglo sentiments expressed by this post, but that aside, another option is O’Sullivan’s in Clarendon. Yes, it’s across the river, but no cover charge and usually very good atmosphere.

    I vote for either skipping this week or playing Sunday morning.

  3. I am happy with either option 1 or 3. And am keen to watch the game with others – preferably either at Fados or James Hoban.


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