Saturday at the bar, Sunday on the pitch

Okay, so it seems like there’s some interest in watching the games on Saturday and playing on Sunday, so let’s just do that.  For those not too embarrassed to be drinking at 9:00 AM (or for the marathoners that will just continue Friday night’s boozing) lets meet at Fado’s in Chinatown to watch UK get trounced by the Springboks (I believe the match begins at 9:30.  Also, there’s no particular reason why I’ve been hating on the Brits in these posts, but it feels right so I’m just going to continue riding that wave.  Eagles in 2015!!!)

For Sunday, let’s stick to a similar schedule.  Meet at 17th and Constitution at 9:30.  See ya’ll then.  I’ll try to send a reminder post on Saturday evening.

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