Again, no rugby.

The field clearly isn’t good enough to play on with the snow.  Hopefully we’ll be back at it next week.

It’s Day Light Saving this week, so that means Wednesday rugby is right around the corner too.  I’ll keep everyone posted about that.

I’ve also been looking at fields we might want to secure for Wednesdays.  The current spot is obviously small.  A new field will probably cost each of us some money (I’m thinking a rugby fund raising party is in order) but it would be worth it.  I’ll do some research and get back to everyone.  Worst case we’ll stick to what we’ve currently got if we can’t generate sufficient funds, or if for other reasons, a new field doesn’t make sense.

1 thought on “Again, no rugby.

  1. If any of you guys want in on a scrimmage we are scrimmaging quantico on their turf field tomorrow at 12. This will be full contact with 4 quarters that will be stopped for periods of instruction. We have a bunch of new guys that we are trying to get ready for the spring season. Come join in or come along and join the party afterwards. Either way Saturday is a rugby day.

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