Streak of Saturday Crap Weather Continues…No Rugby

As a consolation the 6 Nations Championship will be televised this morning at 10:30, and there’s a 1:00 o’clock game as well.  RiRa in Georgetown is playing both with no cover charge.  James Hoban’s is doing both too, I’m sure, but they have a $20 cover charge, which provides $20 worth of food and drinks.

The early forecast for next week looks good for Saturday rugby.

Also, Wednesday rugby is going to start again soon.  I think the 25th makes sense to start up, but if there’s a lot of enthusiasm, maybe this week makes sense.  I’m hunting for an alternative field, but in the mean time, the old spot will suffice.

2 thoughts on “Streak of Saturday Crap Weather Continues…No Rugby

  1. As this weekend is my last in DC before I head back to the UK we are going for drinks at ChurchKey on 14th St. We’ll be there from 7 onwards for anyone who wants to join us.

    Hopefully we can get a game in on Wednesday as well


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