Morning Rugby

Hey if you are interested in weekday morning touch rugby and are NOT on the email chain already but would like to be, leave a comment and we’ll get you added to the list!

We’ve had some pretty good morning sessions already this summer and if you are like me and want to get your exercise done in the morning while it’s still cool then you won’t want to pass this opportunity up.

9 thoughts on “Morning Rugby

    • Hey Duncan, we play at our usual field at 15th and Independence at 7 am till 8 am. We are set to play tomorrow (Tuesday) morning if you can make it.

  1. I had fun driving around the playing field this morning looking for parking. This is what I learned, eventually, for future 7 AM rugby. First: at that hour public parking is not totally full, so here are some driving/parking instructions:

    There is public parking within West Potomac Park (called Parking area A, Parking area B and Parking area C, on Ohio Dr SW), and within East Potomac Park (Tidal Basin Parking Area, where they have paddle boats, [called Cherry Blossom Parking on Google Maps]; this one is the closest to the playing field: when you have parked, walk away from the water towards the massive obelisk AKA the Washington Memorial).

    For the Tidal Basin Parking Area: You have to approach it from the West – I don’t think you’re allowed to turn left from Maine Ave at the bottom of the playing field space/Raoul Wallenberg Place SW. If coming from the West along Independence Avenue turn right onto Maine Ave once you get over Kutz bridge. If you miss that turn and stay on Independence Ave you can double back: turn right past the playing field, right onto Maine Ave, which turns into Independence Ave, then take the next left, at a stop light, back onto Independence Ave SW/Kutz bridge…

    Alternatively, try the tennis center parking on Buckeye Dr SW, off Ohio Dr SW. And if all else fails there is private parking at the Ronald Reagan building (1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004). Note: you have to go through security.

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