Who Wants a Jersey??!

Hey Guys,

Let me know if you’re interested in getting a DC Touch Rugby jersey.  They’re perfect for scoring tries on the pitch and for writing memos in the office.  Who needs sleeves, amiright?  If you want a jersey respond to this post with your name and your size.  The price will be $20-$25.  I’ll collect money at rugby over the next week or so.

Naturally, if you’re playing in the tournament it would be nice to have a jersey.  We would look like a much more cohesive unit with everyone donning the blue and whites.  But, it’s not necessary.  The most important thing is that you sign up for the August 27th tournament! (See previous post for details.)

12 thoughts on “Who Wants a Jersey??!

  1. Count me in for a jersey. I probably won’t be able to make the tournament.

    Sizewise….in England I am an XL. Over here – a large(ish).

    Andy Mackay

  2. Please post,

    I’ve got 4 Nats tkts for today’s game that I can’t use. Diamond Club- food drinks incl. free for first takers. 1 pm game. Txt me at 202-286-8884.

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