Saturday August 26th

Tournament: as I mentioned last week, tomorrow we are participating in a touch tournament in VA and thus we will not have any regularly scheduled rugby in DC. I hope you are planning to join us for the tournmanet, it’s going to be a good time! DC Touch Rugby players, please wear your red jerseys from last year and if you don’t have one, any red shirt will do.

Transportation: Please use this thread to coordinate who needs rides and who is driving and might have space!

Again, start time is 1100 and will go until 2:00 pm and then the bbq and pool time begins! If you plan to play and eat please bring your donation money ($15).


Little River Farm

22006 James Monroe Highway

Aldie, VA 20105

11 thoughts on “Saturday August 26th

  1. I am driving and currently have space for two more people. I live in NW DC so, anybody wanting to jump in with me let me know and we’ll coordinate where you can meet me.

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