Rugby on tomorrow!

Hey lads! Guess who has been promoted to site contributor?

Anyway, you know my enthusiasm for Saturday touch, so I’m calling it as going ahead tomorrow. It will be a little chilly but we will manage.

Hope to see you all there – 17th & Constitution @ 9:30am


9 thoughts on “Rugby on tomorrow!

  1. I haven’t played Rugby before but have worked as a trainer and helped coach a high school team before. Would it be ok to show up to one of the practices? I’ve seen you guys play on the mall and thought it would cool to try.

    • Of course, anyone is welcome to come along! We play at 9:30am @ 17th and Constitution. If you want to check out the rules beforehand there’s a YouTube video on this website you can watch.

      • Thanks. So only on Saturdays at 0930, correct? I’m out of town for a few weeks but will keep anlook on the posts to come ina few weeks.

      • Yes exactly! We pretty much play every week (weather would need to be pretty bad for us to skip it) so feel free to join us whenever it suits.

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