Shirts have been ordered!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who filled out the order form – the shirts are underway!

I have ordered the following:

  • Dark grey for women (tank style like last time)
  • Black tanks for the men who indicated sleeveless/no preference (they didn’t have grey in this style unfortunately, my bad!)
  • Dark grey t-shirts for men that wanted them (I know I said I wouldn’t do both but turns out they could accommodate this without driving up the cost, yay!)

They came to $17.50 each. I will be making Venmo requests (etc.) very soon & contact you to make arrangements on how to get your shirts once they arrive. The ETA is ~2-3 weeks.


Want a DC Touch Rugby shirt?

Hi crew!

There have been many requests in the past year for a new DC Touch Rugby shirt order.

Well you’re in luck!

Fill in this form by Wednesday 29th July if you want a shirt: click me!

Please consider the form your commitment to buying a shirt – it is not a ‘general interest’ survey. I will include all shirts requested in my order and pay the whole cost up front out of pocket so I’ll rely on you paying me back afterwards. I say this because last time I was left with someone saying they didn’t want theirs long after I’d already paid for them & had to take the loss myself.

Last time they were approximately $17 each but the more we order the cheaper they will be so I’ll update you on the price when I have confirmed numbers. I also haven’t finalized a colour yet but there’s a poll within the link. Otherwise the design will be the same as the previous order, as seen modeled by Mr. January and some random redhead chick below.

Whether you’re adding to your collection or are a first time buyer – order your DC Touch Rugby shirt today!!!

(and there was much rejoicing)


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 16.29.43

Wednesday on the Mall

Great turnout last night everyone!

We’re on again for tomorrow, same time, same place as last night.

Also – if you have any interest in being part of a DC Touch team for a tournament in Orlando, FL, Saturday May 16th, let me know below!


Weekday touch starting back up

Daylight savings is upon us! This means that, starting next week, we’ll have enough light to bring back weekday touch.

The plan is to do Mondays & Wednesdays, 6pm -> dark.

Who’s in for this Monday (9th March)? I’ve already had a few people verbally confirm but need some more numbers before we go ahead.

Hope you can make it!