Kite festival on tomorrow – try other pitch!

Hi guys, it turns out the kite festival is on tomorrow, taking place on the field we normally play on + the one beside it.  I’d recommend playing on the field beside the Holocaust Museum – see the ‘Game Time & Location’ tab for details.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Kite festival on tomorrow – try other pitch!

  1. That sign is always up – we just ignore it and play anyway! I’d stick around, other people are heading to that pitch now…. wish I could be more help, I hope it works out! Hahaha – trust something like this to happen the ONE DAY I can’t be there….

  2. OK OK – so final update I have is that a group have actually settled close to the monument (so NOT the Holocaust Museum pitch) and are now playing….. apparently you would see them if you were walking towards the monument from the Holocaust Museum pitch, so that side of the monument.

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