Tournament plug…

You won’t have to put up with this much longer but – still time to sign up: CLICK ME!

All details are at that link, but here are some highlights:

  • where: Little River Farm – 22006 James Monroe Hwy in Aldie VA 20105
  • when: 10am this Sunday, 23rd September (games start @ 10:30am)
  • what to bring: a blue & a red jersey (official DC touch jerseys or whatever you have), water
  • who: bring whoever you want, they just need to buy a ticket too
  • what will be there: pool, BBQ, drinks, games (rugby & other), prizes
  • cost: $10, with all proceeds going to support Serge Betsen Academy

3 thoughts on “Tournament plug…

  1. Go DCTouch – best wishes for a successful tournament with good fun.

    Georgia thanks for all your organizing – sorry to miss out.



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