Round up of yesterday’s teams…

While things were a bit fluid at times, the teams were broadly this:


  • Zack-attack (for the first 3 touches)
  • Georgia smooth-balls O’Callaghan
  • Cody how-many-degrees-does-it-take Lidster
  • Jackie loud-mouthed Ndirangu
  • One-can Olly Williams
  • Vid-eo killed the rugby star
  • Ashan down-and-dirty Rodriguez
  • Anarchist Malleo
  • Yiğit clothing-optional Aytaç


  • Nicci side-step Tongia
  • Carlo The Flash Gordon
  • Dalton twinkle-toes Dwyer
  • The Mide-slide
  • Wolverine Keelan
  • Mike B-team Vaughters
  • Eric The Late
  • Rachelle Ruff-play
  • Caitlyn no-one-showed-from-Galaxy
  • Rob The Friendly Giant

2 thoughts on “Round up of yesterday’s teams…

  1. LMAO, @ ‘The Late’, only Jr. Can top me at that, and he was MIA, lol….Good stuff with the organizing Georgia. Good stuff DC Touch, was def a good outing!

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