!!!Poll for 6 Nations Rugby!!!

Hi guys!

So it’s still the plan to head to watch the Ireland vs. England 6 Nations game this Saturday @11:45am, HOWEVER, I need your opinion below on where we should go….

  1. I emailed James Hoban’s and they do actually have a $20 minimum to watch the game there. You pay $20 at the door but that goes towards all the food and drinks you may get while you’re there.
  2. ALTERNATIVE: Duffy’s Irish Pub on H street has no cover (confirmed via email) & has discounted food & drinks, but is a bit further away.

Neither are within walking distance so regardless of the decision we would need to get there through a combo of driving/Ubers/metro, depending on your preference.

Please vote below!


6 thoughts on “!!!Poll for 6 Nations Rugby!!!

  1. Genuinely not bothered with the actual location, but to start opinion my choice would be the dupont circle one, purely on location.

  2. I think Hoban’s is the option here. Sucks to pay $20, but we can put that into brunch and Guinness?

    Key part is getting there early enough to nab a couple tables.

  3. I’m fine with either though Hoban’s is a slightly more convenient location… In past experience $20 has disappeared quite quickly once the magners starts flowing…

  4. I’ll probably have to leave about 15 minuets before the game ends ( no spoilers! I”ll catch up somehow!), so I’d vote no cover charge.

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