6 thoughts on “Warm tomorrow – rugby on!

  1. It’s the kite festival on the Mall tomorrow which is always a shit show for children running through our field. Can we play on the actual pitch by the holocaust museum instead?

    • Hi Tom! Thanks, good spot! I’d no idea.

      We can’t do the other field unfortunately because it’s supposed to be closed until the end of May. The last time we played there a park ranger got us to move. But the spot I’ve suggested is enclosed by a fence so the general public hopefully won’t be going in there with their kites…. It’s starting at 10am so let’s claim our space before they start!

  2. Hi Georgia thanks for organizing I’m looking forward to running at the tidal basin – I’m getting fatter without rugby!




  3. Hi guys – just moved to D.C. from London and keen to play a bit of touch rugby. Is it cool to join you on Wednesday evening for a game? Don’t want to mess up the numbers!

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