Beautiful day for rugby on the Mall

For a change of scenery let’s play on the Mall by Smithsonian metro. This will also give the tidal basin field a little chance to rest after yesterday’s rain. Should be a sunny 75 degrees this afternoon. 5:30pm

2 thoughts on “Beautiful day for rugby on the Mall

  1. Hello, I am new to DC and was wondering how to go about joining your group. I have played a lot of tag rugby and used to play rugby union but have never played touch rugby so I may be fairly rusty.

    • The best way is just to come out and play. We play as a pick up group, so whoever shows up gets to play. No formal teams or requirements other than a good attitude. There is a link to a youtube video on the right side of our home page for basic rules of touch rugby. It’s probably the same or similar to tag rugby. Feel free to come out tonight at 5:30, or Saturday at 9:30am and we’ll fill you in on any local rule variations.

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