Wednesday on the Mall

We’ll play Wednesday on the Mall near Smithsonian metro stop. To be more correct we’ll use the field closer to the carousel. 5:30pm

It’s been great to see some new faces, as well as old ones coming out of hiding. If you’re just stumbling on this website now, I’ll use this as an opportunity to say we welcome all skill levels to come out and run around. The only prerequisite is a good attitude. If you’re visiting from out of town or new to the area, there is plenty of opportunity to come join us as we play three times a week and we are never short on numbers.

For all the regulars, thanks for keeping DC Touch awesome. Look forward to another hot and humid afternoon on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday on the Mall

  1. Hello, With the tournament going on tomorrow, is there a DC touch rugby Saturday? Thank you

    Navin H

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  2. There is touch tomorrow. I was late on the post, but there will be someone bringing balls to get started around 10 at tidal basin

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