Monday is inevitable

Like Thanos, Monday seems to always loom up at the end of a beautiful weekend. But don’t despair with all the work deadlines. Touch awaits a the end of the day. 5:30pm at the Tidal basin pitch this evening. Generally speaking it’s going to be very hot with humidity approaching 60%, but thankfully overcast. There is an outside chance the clouds could bring a few raindrops. Hydration and electrolytes will be your salvation.

For anyone stumbling onto this page anew, welcome! So you don’t have to scroll too far back, here’s some quick info about DC touch. This is a pick up group for all skill levels, and ages (within reason). There is no cost to play. Our focus is to have fun and get fit. We build friendships and networking within the rugby community. Many people coming from a contact background come to work on other skills, or just to get away from the regular punishment of contact, and have fun. Other people with no rugby experience have come out and learned the game on the fly. Don’t be fooled by the casual attitude, because there is definitely a competitive air and intense level of play, but it’s all about having fun. If you’re new to the area or just want to see what touch rugby is all about, feel free to stop by. Just bring a positive attitude. Oh, and cleats or turf shoes. Lots of people show up in sneakers the first time and the grass is slippery.

Mondays and Saturdays we play behind the Holocaust museum at Raoul Wallenberg field. There is a link on the right and image below where it says Tidal Basin. For any questions feel free to send a message


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