Rain Rain Go Away

Sorry for the late post. I wrote an update last night but forgot to hit the submit button.

We’re definitely playing Saturday, the question is where. No chance of rain, but it will feel pretty warm and muggy because of the 70+% humidity. Should be a little cloud cover and breeze to keep things nice.

With these heavy afternoon showers, the tidal basin pitch may be pretty saturated and I don’t want us ripping all the top turf right off. The Mall has much better drainage and thicker grass cover. That will probably be the better place to play..

My proposal is that I’ll get downtown early to check out the conditions. If the tidal basin is firm we’ll play there. If it looks waterlogged, I’ll put up another post and we’ll play by the Smithsonian metro (which is more likely). Either way, 9:30, there will be rugby!

TL:DR If we aren’t on the tidal basin we’ll be on the Mall

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