Monday is on the Tidal Basin

Looks to be pretty warm in the evening, so bring some fluids. Otherwise it should be a great afternoon for a run around.

I’m sure everyone has noticed the days are rapidly shortening. Please try to be as close to 5:30 as possible since we can’t really get started until enough people show up. Also Alexandria touch has started on Mondays and Wednesdays which is taking some of our numbers. Depending on the continued turnout and the time change we may go down to only Wednesday during the week. All things TBD. But for tomorrow we’ll have some fun on the Tidal Basin


2 thoughts on “Monday is on the Tidal Basin

    • Yes you can just turn up on any of the days we play. Generally we play about 2 hours, so you can come and go on your own schedule. There is no cost, but for permitting we are starting to take a $10 donation every quarter from regulars. Come have a run around and see what you think.

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