Saturday so cold

It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling and we get a preview of winter to come. We’ll play Saturday at 9:30. I highly recommend a thermal base layer as it will be pretty cold, especially early on.

Second item of business, it’s time for me to solicit donations again. We had a tremendous response to the first round this summer. Thanks to everyone pitching in so we can cover permits and create a buffer fund for the touch group. If you come regularly the recommended donation is $10 per quarter. Some people just give $40 and then play guilt free all year. If you don’t come regularly, can’t afford to contribute, or for any reason don’t donate, don’t worry. Everyone is still welcome and there is no judgment. However if you donate over $10K we’ll try to get your name on a plaque as member of the chairman’s club. Cash is always welcome. Even easier is via venmo @Josh-Kube.

Third and arguably most important item of business. The pizza poll! There are a couple front runners starting to emerge. Still looking to get a larger sample of responses.

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