Wednesday at Bundy Field

We’ll play tonight at Bundy Field 5:30p. There is only about 50% chance of very light rain, and it should be a relatively warm 53 degree evening.

COVID note: The DMV area has seen a tremendous uptick in the number of cases in the last week. I don’t want DC touch to be a superspreader activity, but short of going into lockdown again, it’s going to be difficult not to get this more contagious variant. If you aren’t already, please get vaccinated and boosted. This is the best way to prevent serious illness if you do catch the virus. Wear a mask, avoid crowded indoor areas, and take precautions so our rugby community can stay healthy. We want everyone to come out and play, but make an honest assessment of your risk profile before coming to play. If you help your elderly parents or grandparents every week, or you have young children that could bring the virus from or take the virus to the classroom, or you work in a hospital, these are all examples when it might be best for you not to play.


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