Start the new year with touch

The weekend feels incomplete without a little rugby. So in an exciting change of pace we’ll play in Sunday. This is a little last minute, but had to make sure there was enough interest.

We’ll be on the east side of the Washington monument at 9:30. The old field between WW2 memorial and Washington monument. The mall and tidal basin are roped off, and with the soggy ground we don’t want to give the park rangers a reason to dislike us.

It will be in the low 60s, and even though it’ll be a little wet under foot, the rain will be gone by the time we play.


1 thought on “Start the new year with touch

  1. Hey team,
    Not sure how else to contact any of you, but I wanted to invite you to a touch tournament coming up on Feb 19 in Phoenixville, PA (about 30 minutes outside Philly). I used to run with you guys 2013-2017 before moving to the Philly area and thought you might at least have some members who would be interested. The tournament will be on turf fields and we are working on getting USA Touch to help referee like they did in the past. Team registration with up to 12 players costs $250 until Jan 23 or individual players can register for $20/player. It’s Mixed gender and teams must have 2 females on the field at all times. Galaxy DC is registering a team so you can take a shot at knocking off the reigning National Champs. Cash prizes for 1st and 2nd place finishers. More info:
    Hope to see you soon and let me know if you have any questions,

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