Sunny Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

Make sure you bring plenty of water. It’s going to be very warm early on tomorrow. Most of the public fountains are turned off due to replacement so please make sure you have plenty of hydration (gatorade, water, beer).

Please come on time if you can. Mornings are tough, but it’s not fun for people that show up on time to have to wait until enough people show up at 10. It cuts into the limited play time for people that need to leave early. There are reasons to be late and everyone is welcome whenever they arrive, but let’s cut out strolling up 20 min late just because of laziness. Keep it fun for everyone and be on time if you can.

Just to re-iterate for any new folks. We play at Wallenberg field on Saturdays, aka tidal basin.

Good luck to our good friends on Nova Women’s Rugby!! National championship weekend in Atlanta.


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