Looking for more touch? Think about Takoma Park Sundays

For various reasons Saturdays might not be your thing, you don’t like to go downtown, or you just need more touch rugby in your life. We’re trying to get a regular game going in Takoma park on Sundays at 9am. There has been some interest, but seeking a few more fun, fit, and enthusiastic players to make it happen regularly. Send a message/comment if you need more details


7 thoughts on “Looking for more touch? Think about Takoma Park Sundays

  1. Thanks Josh, contact me – Gregor Wallace – for more details at 301-547-5198. We just had our first throw around yesterday morning and it was a lot of fun! Always looking for more players for this casual game.

    • Hi Nicholas, message me at 301-547-5198. More new or experienced players are very welcome as we build up our numbers.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve always wanted to come out to learn more (I’d be more of a novice player, but I do play other sports, not a total sports novice) but the current schedule hasn’t been great for me, would you welcome newer players for these Sunday sessions?


    • Of course! We had two newbies yesterday and they had a good time. All will become clear after your first session. Join us this weekend in Takoma DC. Message me at 301-547-5198 and I’ll connect you with the WhatsApp group. Gregor

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