Saturday is on the Tidal Basin

9:30am. It looks like it’s going to be a little cold, and maybe even a heavy mist.

Good luck to all our friends with Galaxy playing USA touch nationals in Austin this weekend. It streams live on youtube if you find the schedule or want to casually watch.

*update: Rock and Roll half marathon is on in the morning. Give yourself extra time for road closures etc.

Saturday so cold

It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling and we get a preview of winter to come. We’ll play Saturday at 9:30. I highly recommend a thermal base layer as it will be pretty cold, especially early on.

Second item of business, it’s time for me to solicit donations again. We had a tremendous response to the first round this summer. Thanks to everyone pitching in so we can cover permits and create a buffer fund for the touch group. If you come regularly the recommended donation is $10 per quarter. Some people just give $40 and then play guilt free all year. If you don’t come regularly, can’t afford to contribute, or for any reason don’t donate, don’t worry. Everyone is still welcome and there is no judgment. However if you donate over $10K we’ll try to get your name on a plaque as member of the chairman’s club. Cash is always welcome. Even easier is via venmo @Josh-Kube.

Third and arguably most important item of business. The pizza poll! There are a couple front runners starting to emerge. Still looking to get a larger sample of responses.

Saturday on the tidal basin, 9:30am

This rain should clear up, although it will stay a little chilly in the morning and the ground won’t have a chance to dry out much.

Costumes encouraged tomorrow, but not required.

In more fun stuff, take this one question questionnaire One place per response, but there is no limit to the number of times you can respond

Monday is on. Tidal basin at 5:30

Chance of rain dropped dramatically. It will be reasonably warm, and if the rain does show at this point it will only be light rain. We still have very limited daylight so please try to be as early as possible so we can start right away. I think we’re confirmed for at least 5 on 5, but we definitely want more. So if you’re reading, come on out and have some fun this afternoon.

Monday is a maybe

There is very limited daylight today, and moderate rain expected to start around 6. Because of these conditions it might be difficult to get at least 12 people committed to play. I’m asking around to sample interest. I’ll post an update here later confirming whether we are on or off for today. If we are on it will be at the tidal basin at 5:30.