Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

It’s going to be a glorious day for touch! Humidity is finally going to be reasonable and temp warm but not too hot. Bring a tasty beverage or two to enjoy after or on the sidelines.

Good luck to the Scion women and a handful of Beltway men playing in 7s nationals this weekend! We’re all rooting for you.

Wednesday touch is on!

WW2 memorial side of washington monument. The side field near the trees, 5:45p.

The weather seems to have shifted in our favor. Probability of precipitation dropped significantly during our run time, and though still high, the amount of rain expected has dropped from moderate to light-ish. You’ll still have soggy feet and probably get rained on, but it will be fairly warm, and no downpours.

Wednesday is tentative depending on weather

There is almost certainly going to be some heavy rain and flooding from 4-6p this afternoon. There is still at least 90% chance of moderate rain the whole time we would play from 6-8p. However it will still be warm and most of the lightning and heavy rain will be over.

The final decision will be around 4 today whether we are playing or not. If we do it will be on the WW2 side of washington monument on the side field at 5:45pm

Need money to keep the ball rolling…..or passing?

The time has come to seek donations again.  The plan was to make this a quarterly thing, but we ended up only doing this twice last year.  Only asking for $10 from everyone that can spare it.

Due to a strong response and fewer permitting requirements over the winter (and generally lower numbers) we were able to stretch the funds through most of this summer.  We don’t make dues a requirement because we want DC Touch to be accessible to everyone.  Over the last couple years we have been using the Wallenberg field consistently on Saturdays, and for this there is a fee.  In addition to helping the National Park Service maintain the condition of the field, obtaining permits ensures that we have a regular space to play, as it is highly coveted by football, soccer, and many other sport clubs.

Whether you play touch 3 times a week, once a month, or once every six months, you’re always welcome regardless of if you donate.  But if you play regularly (or just like what we do) think about donating.  We are a social group with no huge expenses or overhead like other sports groups.  We just need a small amount from everyone who is able.  Your money is going straight to permitting, some replacement cones, and a new ball once in a while.

Thanks everyone for making this such an amazing group and I’ll see you on the field.

Venmo seems to be the easiest. @Josh-Kube

Monday on the Mall 5:45p

Smithsonian metro side of the Washington monument. We may move from the field closest to 14th st to one closer to the capital, just to rotate the grass impact. Somewhere between 9th and 14th. Fair warning, there is always a chance the rangers will come by and have us remove cleats. For any NPS rangers reading this: we are trying to get everyone to wear turf shoes, but not there yet. We appreciate your patience.

Another hot sunny summer day. Bring plenty of water.