We’re on for Saturday March 16! But…

TGIF! We have the numbers for another awesome repeat of last week’s touch rugby game in AdMo. Game is same time as usual but we’ll be starting at 10AM SHARP this time as a few people have to leave by 11:30AM. Feel free to join us earlier for some practice and a warm-up.

The big BUT though is the weather. Right now the outlook isn’t so great and looks like we’ll have some light rain while playing. Not a problem, but if we feel the pitch is too soggy to run on, we may have to bail.

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If we do bail, it would be good to get numbers for a potential Sunday game (warmer and no rain). Use the poll to let us know whether Sunday could also work in the case of a cancellation tomorrow (which we’ll let you know about tomorrow morning).

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!