Let’s make it happen this Saturday (@9AM)!

Team, after a week off to rest the legs, it’s time to get our butts back out there on the field for some TOUCH RUGBY!


No more excuses like I’m out of town or have a sprained ankle. Real men and women play through their absences or pain. So give us a Yay or a Nay for this Saturday and get your touch on.

Touch rugby this Saturday: 9AM START!

Hi team,

It’s that time of the week when you are more than ready to start thinking about the weekend! What better way to kick it off (excuse the pun) with a nice and EARLY game of touch rugby?


Yes that’s right, summer seems to be fully upon us and to avoid the near 90 degree temperatures this Saturday morning, we’ll rally the players for a game at 9AM (same place).

You got it, 9AM instead of 10AM this week.

Let us know if you’re in with a “the early bird catches the pop pass” or a “sleep sounds better than awesomeness”. See your sweaty-selves out there on the field!

NB: If there is huge backlash to starting an hour earlier, or if people generally like playing in the scorching heat, then we can work with the start time. However usually we start at 9AM in the summer and push it back to 10AM in the winter so consider 9 our “normal” start time!