Tournament threads: Need sizes people!

Hi team,

Eric has kindly organized for the printing of these very cool tank tops for the team heading to the tournament next week. For those coming and wanting one of the below, Please POST YOUR SIZE (S,M,L, XL etc) and cut (male/female) in the comments section (if you are between sizes, Eric recommends getting the size below). The cost is a very reasonable $15 and we need to know whether you’re in for one by THIS FRIDAY. Of course, if you are not coming to the tournament and want one anyway, just let us know! Also, if you’re coming to touch on Thursday evening or Saturday please bring with you both the money for the “jersey” and for the tournament (total $35).

DC Touch Rugby

Finally, for those who have not confirmed their participation for next Saturday, please comment on this post letting me know if you can make it. We have 14 confirmed with 2 maybes so it would be nice to get to 18-20 so we can have two teams represented. I will be organizing logistics this weekend via email and not via the blog so let me know if you’re in!

16 thoughts on “Tournament threads: Need sizes people!

  1. Damn they look good! Nice job Eric! May not make it to the tournament, but I want that shirt!

    I’ll have a men’s medium please! Ryan

  2. I can’t make the tournament as watching the Lions trounce the Wallabies down under. I will take a shirt though – male medium/large.

    Can they be made reversible? If they have a different colour inside we could use them as the team colours for the Saturday pick up games.

    • Unfortunately, the reversible’s are more expensive and stick to your body, which is why I chose the NB wicking shirts. These should keep us cool this summer. We could always do another round in another color at some point down the road.

  3. I actually already have an NB blue workout tshirt that looks pretty similar (minus the rad logo) so I think i’m good for now!

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