State of Rugby

What a long strange year it’s been. Although in many ways it doesn’t seem that long ago that this whole pandemic started. 

Last year around this time we took a well-considered hiatus from play.  As the months passed, we understood more about who was most at risk and how to prevent spreading the virus.  We decided to start playing again on a more limited basis.  The goal was to still get some fun and exercise without anyone succumbing to the virus.  The best system we devised was to play with limited numbers, and use a sign-up sheet so that we could track and trace in the event anyone did contract COVID.  Sadly, to keep numbers down we determined it was best not to widely advertise this revival.  The downside of this was that we couldn’t actively recruit new involvement, and we couldn’t always accommodate everyone that wanted to play on any given Saturday.  With all the uncertainty and the limited play, the website updates essentially went away.

As I look around it seems like there are more and more indications of life getting back to normal.  I myself have just gotten vaccinated, as have many others.  Current official reports say about 30% of DC residents have at least one shot.  On the other hand, the outbreak is not entirely under control.  In the District alone there are currently about 17 cases per 100,000 people per day, and accompanying deaths.

With all this in mind, I want to put this notice out for all those that are exploring DC touch for the first time, as well as all the old-timers that have been waiting for “official” news.  Our position right now is trying to balance opening up with being responsible.  Things are changing week by week, and we are trying to keep this balance the best we can. There are still restrictions on sports and gathering size in the District, so for the time being we will still proceed with limited numbers by sign up in the short term.  As more people within the touch community are vaccinated, I envision we can move to wide open play without sign up in the near future.

I anticipate some restriction changes soon, and as always we’ll continue to take cues from the departments of health.  With everyone’s diligence hopefully we can put this pandemic well behind us. Stay safe.  Have fun.  See you on the field. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates. Feel free to message through the website for any specific questions.



6 thoughts on “State of Rugby

  1. Technically large gatherings are limited to 50 people and high contact sports like rugby and football are still banned in the district. Touch is in the gray area sportswise and usually falls below the 50 person gathering limit. At this point it’s about staying responsible and doing the right thing as a community rather than someone enforcing a ban to prevent games. Health guidance and city/county/state regulations are rapidly changing and we’ll follow.

    • Thanks for the update and very sensible and responsible approach by DCTouch
      How about fully vaccinated players – how much room is there to track who’s vaccinated
      And what about those that aren’t vaccinated to play with masks?
      What’s the best way to find out pickup times – is it Monday Wednesday and Saturday at the tidal basin?
      I’m fully vaccinated and looking to pick back up and start to lose the COVID 15-20lbs
      Thanks, Brian

  2. Is there touch rugby this evening at the tidal basin (Wed 12 May) or if now when is next run for those vaccinated or wearing masks? Thanks, Brian

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