We’re Back!

Everything has been happening so quickly the last couple weeks. As most people saw, the CDC issued new guidance for vaccinated people. Our DC mayor made an announcement that most restrictions will be relaxed starting May 21. Best of all, an informal poll revealed that our touch community is head and shoulders above the average regarding vaccination. You could say the safest place you’d be is to play with us all day every day.

With all this good news we’re opening back up, no limits. I encourage vaccination. But more importantly I encourage everyone to review their individual situation and risk before coming to play. We will play Wednesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays at 9:30. I’ll post the day before on this site to confirm, but with summer knocking on the door I don’t see any cancellation due to weather. Our current favorite field is undergoing some rejuvenation, so the field choice may rotate a little each week. I’ll post that here as well.

There are some old faces I’m looking forward to seeing soon, and we’re always excited to make new friends. Play on!

1 thought on “We’re Back!

  1. This is such great news! Moved to DC last August, and part of what I was looking forward to with the move was joining this group. The day has finally come! Hope to make it out on Wednesday. Thanks for making this possible!

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