Hooray Saturday

We’ll play on the mall by the Smithsonian metro at 9:30a. The Gaelic football club ousted us from the Tidal Basin last week by sneakily getting permits for two weekends in a row. We’ve already secured permits for next Saturday so we’ll be back to our favorite pitch next week. In the meantime the mall has had some sections roped off, so we’ll have to see where there is space tomorrow, but as of Wednesday there was enough open space for 2 fields.

It will be warm and extremely humid, with a little cloud cover. Any rain tomorrow shouldn’t come until we’re wrapping up for the day. But summer storms are unpredictable so we might get a few drops during play. Nothing that should scare anyone away.

Good luck to our friends with Scion and Beltway rugby clubs!! We’re all rooting for you and can’t wait for the tales of glory. Tune in to The Rugby Network to cheer for the home team.

2 thoughts on “Hooray Saturday

  1. so where do we park?

    for us across the border in the burbs….

    Kind Regards,

    Cameron Dunlop US cellphone: +1 202 510 3142

    • Sorry I didn’t see this before Saturday. I think generally street parking on Jefferson is where most people park for the Smithsonian. At the tidal basin there is a parking lot near the field. People have said parking hasn’t been a problem lately.

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