Monday on the Mall

Congratulations Scion Rugby, your new 2021 USA National Rugby 7s champions!!! We love to see our friends succeed. We’re lucky they come play touch with us, and if you’ve had the pleasure you know how hard they train and play. A well deserved championship! They outscored their opponents a staggering 247-19, shutting teams out for 4 out of 6 games!

But on to more important things. Rain is in the forecast. In an effort not to tear up the Tidal Basin pitch, we’ll play on the thick grass and good drainage on the mall, by the Smithsonian metro. Some of the sections have been roped off, but we had a decent area Saturday that should still be available tomorrow.

The rain is going to be scattered and light. I guarantee you will get wet, but it will be warm and pleasant. Umbrella and a dry pair of socks recommended. And sneak preview, Wednesday is going to be almost the same with the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred. So you’re just gonna have to get wet to get your rugby in this week.


2 thoughts on “Monday on the Mall

    • Thanks Dalton. That’s good to hear. Look forward to seeing you if you ever make it back down this way. I’m sure you’ve seen a few photos of us playing on the good side of the mall. It’s perfect for barefoot running.

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