Monday on the Mall 5:30pm, near Smithsonian Metro stop

There are strong scattered storms in the area, but it’s all fast moving and will blow over by the time we get out to play. It will be warm and a little windy.

We don’t want to tear up the tidal basin field the first week back, so tonight will be on the Mall. It has good drainage and thick grass. We’ll have to take the risk of being told to remove cleats. Enforcement is hit and miss, not just for us, but for the many other groups out during the week.


2 thoughts on “Monday on the Mall 5:30pm, near Smithsonian Metro stop

  1. Hi – I am hosting a mixed-ability touch rugby event on June 5 that I’d like to invite folks to. We’ll be playing at Raoul Wallenberg Field (the field where touch is happening today). Would it be possible to send the admin of this page the details to post? The event is free of charge and will benefit rugby players with disabilities. Let me know if its possible to post and no sweat if it isn’t.

    • Can you send a link or type the webpage in the comments here? The link for DCwolfpack rugby looks like it has all 2021 info

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