Wednesday on WW2 side of Washington monument 5:30p

It’s going to be a warm one out there, so make sure you have plenty of water. Try to come on time. It’s a shame when we have 6 people waiting around at 5:30, and then counting and recounting over and over as people continue to trickle in. After work is tough and people are welcome whenever they arrive, but let’s be respectful of everyone’s time. While some people can only show up late, others can only go from 5:30-6:30, and we want everyone to get their chance to play. We want to start running at 5:30, not have people show up to start stretching at 5:30. Same idea for the weekend, show up at 9:30, not 10. Collectively we can do a better job. It only works if we all work together. Ok, enough of the soapbox.

While barefoot on the mall is fun, it’s only fun once in a while. The NPS budget must have been increased because the rangers are patrolling more diligently, so we probably won’t be on the Mall proper much anymore.

The tidal basin is booked for most weekday evenings. Seems word is out that it’s open. For now the best bet is on west side of the monument, all the way down by the WW2 memorial. There is still kickball to contend with, however there should be a reasonable amount of space to play and we can wear cleats. The rotation will probably continue there on Monday and Tuesday, and the tidal basin on Saturdays.


1 thought on “Wednesday on WW2 side of Washington monument 5:30p

  1. Josh we are trying to get numbers for Thursday touch rugby in Alexandria near Braddock metro if anyone is interested Brian


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